NBC Eelman & Partners is a medium sized accounting firm in North Holland with offices in Den Burg (Texel) and Den Helder. Currently we have over 45 employees within our organization. Since our start in 1972 we work as an independent consultant for small and medium sized enterprises in various branches as well as for private persons.

The right contacts
Because we have been located there for almost 50 years, we know the North Holland region like no other. We know the local roads to take, have the right contacts and are aware of relevant developments. Which is of course useful in our advisory services.

Of course you can always rely on us for accountancy, administration, tax services and payroll. However a successful business requires more. To be of assistance we offer a virtual complete services range. Need advice on pension, environmental legislation, grants or personnel? In need of legal assistance, mediation or financial planning? Want to know which accounting software best suits your company? Merger, acquisition, business valuation or business succession in the offing? For all these questions you can contact one of our experienced accountants or consultants. For very specific issues, we use our network of specialists.

Services suited for the entrepreneur
Not every entrepreneur needs expertise in a wide area. We adjust our services to your needs. This means that we are always in close consultation with you to determine which tasks you can handle yourself and which we will take care of. In short: a practical approach that balances the costs and benefits.

Our business philosophy
Entrepeneurship means working hard. And today’s world requires a flexible attitude from you as an entrepreneur. Whether you like it or not, you are constantly faced with important decisions. We are pleased to offer you a helping hand.

Of course you want to spend as much of your valuable time as possible on your actual work. That you prefer to be assisted in the other parts of your business by an expert and trusted advisor, is obvious. You expect an active attitude from your adviser. Someone who takes initiatives and quickly provides you with information on all important issues which could affect your enterprise. An advisor that acts alongside the entrepreneur and actually proves to be your business partner.

An accountant-consultant from NBC Eelman & Partners is adequate and reliable, has knowledge of your industry and adds value to your overall business performance. And where necessary he/she is assisted by a broad and experienced constituency. This way, advice is at our firm not a stand-alone option but always integrated into your overall corporate policy.

Please fill out our contact form in case you are interested in a free consultation or whether you would like get more specific information. We will attempt to respond within 24 hours on business days.

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